Behind The Scenes 2017

Oh man. Oh man. What a year my friends! It’s time for a behind the scenes look of 2017! Some of these are seriously cringe worthy and I can’t believe I am sharing them. A special thanks to Lisa Hornak for capturing some of the most flattering moments while second shooting with her this year!

BUT, before we dive into all the glorious sides of Nicole, can we take a minute to talk about this guy….

I couldn’t do wedding days without him.┬áJon has many roles other than photographer on a wedding day. Including, the family photo list reader…

Veil whisperer…

Carrier of ALL the things…

And when the bride needs a three umbrella escort, he will take the spot in the back holding two umbrellas just in case.

But most of all, he is there to make us all laugh.

Now that I have fully embarrassed my husband, I guess it’s only fair to share these precious gems.

I really like to make faces…

Sometimes I smile like a normal human …

But often pretend to have a first dance with my camera during test shots….

Or pretend the camera is a bouquet. Please don’t judge me. #whycantiwalkstraight #notnormal

Not only do you get a photographer, but with no additional cost you get someone to help with your dress….

and fix your hair.

But beware, I often have flower envy and will try to steal the bouquet if you aren’t watching.

When I’m not trying to take your flowers, you can find me trying to gain an extra inch or two.

Or I’m on the ground.

And my bridal party intro dance has won Academy Awards.

My mother always told me my posture was terrible and here’s the picture to prove it. #whyamisideways

Jon and I have very sophisticated ways of communicating.

And I apologize to all of my winter brides. When you are freezing in your gorgeous wedding dress, I’ll be in a parka. #suchababy #canthang

We love being able to put a smile on your face…

Because the best thing about our job is our amazing couples!

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