Behind The Scenes 2018

Here it is friends! Our favorite post of the year. It’s an all access back stage pass to what it is really like on wedding days. These are some of our most glorious wedding day photos. 🙂 Just kidding, if you want to see actual pretty photos you will have to go here. We laughed pretty hard when putting this blog post together. While most of these are just test shots, we love that they show us doing exactly what we love – serving our amazing couples on the day that starts their forever. How cool is that?

So first up, let’s look at all the beautiful shots of myself…

Even though I may look like a mess, I always make sure my couples are looking their best.

We always do whatever we need to for the perfect shot.

Proof that I am a midget. Or my really tall couple was standing on a hill. I will let you decide.

So obviously, my handy dandy stool goes with us everywhere. Or I will just stand on my tip-toes or whatever chair I can find.

Shooting vertical images makes me look like I work out 🙂

I’m really good at multitasking.

Can we all agree that this picture is proof that my couples think I’m funny?

My bridal party entrance dance is on point.

But standing like a normal human often causes problems.

If there is a golf cart involved, you can bet that I’m squeezing in!

And sometimes I run away with the bouquet.

Enough about me. Let’s chat about this amazing man. Also known as husband/second shooter/boutonnière pinner/light stand carrier/chauffeur. Jon is literally my wedding day super hero. And he has really awesome dance moves. Exhibit A.

He really loves testing light for me.

I always catch his best angle.

The thinking man is his favorite pose.

Even though he has a pretty grumpy resting face, he is always pretty darn excited on wedding days.

But most of all, he always goes above and beyond for our sweet couples.

Usually by the end of the night, we are sweaty, sore, and tired. But this smile is nothing but genuine.

Because capturing memories for the most amazing couples on Earth. Well that is pretty darn awesome if you ask me.

Want more behind the scenes? Check out last year’s post.

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