Real Wedding Day Moments 2018

Stunning florals, beautiful brides, and gorgeous locations. As photographers, we can’t help but be drawn to all things pretty on a wedding day. But to be honest, those images aren’t the ones that make me stop. The ones that make me call Jon over in the middle of editing. It’s photos like these. The ones that show the tears, the hugs, and the laughter. The ones that capture the people you love most. The ones that you will show your grandchildren one day. As much as we love all the pretty things, we know that isn’t what a wedding day is really about. We promise to catch all the real moments too.

Like when you get to read a letter from the love of your life on the morning of your wedding day.

When getting in your dress is actually a work in progress and not as glamorous as it should be.

Sweet moments when you finally get to put your dress on.

And everyone is so excited to see how beautiful you look!

Hugs from your mom.

I promised Jon this would not turn into an entire blog post about first looks. But man oh man, we love first looks. I think these images speak for themselves.

When your dad gets to give you away.

When the mother of the groom watches her son as his bride walks down the aisle.

And the groom’s reaction to it all.

Ceremonies are one of our favorite times to capture all of the love. We always try to get the parents’ reactions.

This image literally takes my breathe away. The sweet bride lost her dad only months before the wedding. She had a Philly’s hat to reserve his seat for him at the ceremony.

We can usually sneak in a few of a crying bridesmaid too.

Sometimes the vows are hilarious.

That just married feeling.

When you finally get to hug your grandpa.

I think I cry during every parent dance.

And crack up laughing at the bridal party entrances.

We love getting reactions during toasts!

It’s so special when the bride and groom dance with their kids during the wedding day!

And when you find out your best friend is having a baby!

We love catching hand holds.

And butt grabs!

Little kids dancing is on the top of our favorite list.

Right next to grandmas dancing.

But one thing is for sure, our couples know how to have a good time!

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