Wedding Trends We Love

We honestly believe that your wedding day should be a reflection of you as a couple. From the little details to the heart filled vows, each couple gets to tell a unique story and we have been so honored to capture those moments for generations to come. While each day is different, there are a few trends we have noticed that we absolutely love!


Family is so important to our couples so we love when they include items that honor the generations of love that came before them.

Long Veils and Flower Crowns

My absolute favorite thing on a wedding day is walking into the getting ready space and seeing a long veil hanging up! I didn’t wear a long veil on our wedding day and now I wish I had! They are seriously beautiful to photograph. If you don’t go with a veil, we will always be fans of flower crowns! When else can you wear either of these items?! Our vote is to go big on your wedding day!

Embracing the Rain

No couple wants rain on their wedding day, but not letting it get you down is the most important thing! We always tell our couples that we will still get beautifully lit images full of color no matter what the weather! At the end of the day, you get to marry your best friend! Don’t let a little bad weather steal the joy!

Getting a New Perfume

They say that scent is closely tied to memory so we think it is awesome to get a new perfume or cologne for your wedding day! Every time you wear it, it will bring you back to the day you promised forever. Plus they look awesome with detail shots!

First Looks with Bridesmaids

We love when our brides choose to get dressed with only their mom and maid of honor and then surprise the rest of their girls! Seriously, the reactions are always so sweet.

Personal Vows

We love when couples write their own vows! It makes the entire ceremony so meaningful. If you are nervous about saying them in front of everyone, you can always share them privately during the first look!


I’m a sucker for these little guys! We have them all over our house and I just can’t help but do a little happy dance when they show up in bouquets!

Fun Shoes and Socks!

Our couples are fun! We love when they decide to show off their personality.

Tented Receptions

We love venues that have white tents and string lights! We think they are so romantic and they always turn out beautiful. Plus, having a white backdrop makes your reception images full of light and color!

Winter Weddings

Between the lace sleeves, lush florals, snow, cozy receptions, and sparkly lights, what’s not to love?!

The Shoe Game

Two of our couples played the shoe game this year and it was such a fun alternative to the bouquet and garter toss!

Unique Ceremony Spaces

The ceremony is the most important part of the day and we love when our couples make sure the space reflects their relationship!

We are so excited to start our 2019 season and can’t wait to see all of the magic that our couples create for their special day!

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