Han-Wen + Matt Courthouse Wedding

When Han-Wen and Matt reached out to me about taking photos for their courthouse wedding, I knew it was going to be such a sweet and intimate day. What I could not expect was just how much I craved the simplicity and pure love that radiated. Surrounded by fifteen of their closest family and friends, Han-Wen and Matt promised to do this crazy thing called life together. They laughed and hugged one another with boundless joy as we strolled through the fields of Valley Forge park. I even overheard Matt say that he just wanted to slow down and take it all in. No matter what type of wedding you are having, I think that is amazing advice all around. Han-Wen and Matt, thank you for sharing this joyful occasion with me. It was such a pleasure to be there to capture it all. Enjoy a few of our favorites.

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