meet the photographers

Jon & Nicole

We are a husband and wife team based out of Wilmington, DE but we love to travel!  Jon and I met in college where we both worked as Residential Assistants in the same building. It was the first year the building was co-ed so we definitely think fate was on our side! He asked me out for pizza on move in day and we have been going on our own adventures ever since. We got married on July, 11th 2015 and it was the most amazing day ever! 

After our wedding, we realized how important it was for us to have tangible memories of the life we were building together. I wanted it all to be captured, from the big moments (like buying our house) to the small (like putting up the Christmas tree). Before we knew it, Nicole Lois Photography was born. 

One of the best things about becoming photographers are the couples and families we get to meet. We are always so honored to be able to capture your stories and come away with a new set of friends. 

Some of our favorite things...

We absolutely love to travel. Since we have been together, instead of buying each other presents we use that money towards a trip. Some of our travels have included South Carolina, Canada, Cyprus, and Bali!




I have wanted a dog ever since I was a little kid. My dad always said that I could get a dog once I "grew up and got my own house." Well, as soon as we could, I made sure we added a canine friend to our household! We absolutely love our spoiled pup. She makes us smile every day!  


Big Mac & Clementine 

These two are a brother and sister pair that we adopted as kittens and they have been causing chaos in our house ever since! 


Home Sweet Home

We moved into our house about a year after we got married and have already put a ton of love into it. One of our favorite places is the breakfast bar we put it, mostly because of all the shared cups of coffee (and wine!) that we have there.