Travel Adventures To Cyprus

Cyprus – an island nestled in the eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea. The birthplace of Aphrodite. Know for its beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and halloumi (the most delicious cheese in the world). Also known as the place where my father grew up. We had not been back to Cyprus for almost ten years so it was crazy to have the entire crew (parents, kids, and significant others) all be able to travel back together.Β It was so wonderful to be back in a place that held so many childhood memories but was also new to me as an adult. I loved being able to share this place with Jon and will be always grateful for uninterrupted time with family. I know I am totally oversharing in pictures, but it is just out of love for a place that is so special to me. Hope you enjoy them!

The succulents were to die for!!

The food wasn’t bad either πŸ™‚ My aunt has a fig tree in the backyard!

Stray cats everywhere….

We traveled to the mountains to horseback ride and visit a cousin. Our cousin had his own orchard full of plums, pomegranates, grapes, and peaches. He even makes his own wine!

Greek gatherings at their finest…

The gangs all here. πŸ™‚

We had gelato everyday … sometimes twice a day! That pink one is rose gelato – it literally tastes like eating a flower.

Our fierce guard dog, Avra.

The next few images are from the Salt Lake in Cyprus. In the summer the lake dries up to leave a bed of rock and salt. However, in the winter the lake fills and flamingos from Africa migrate to the lake. I have yet to visit Cyprus in the winter, but I’ve heard its an amazing site.

Cyprus, thank you for giving us a place to bond, explore, and relax together as a family. Until next time….

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