Michelle + Tony Bahama Vow Renewal

When it comes to the parent lottery, we pretty much lucked out. I could write an entire post about how my mom is the perfect combination of sweet and sassy, while also being the most supportive mama bear. Basically the kind of mom everyone wants to have no matter what stage of life you are in. Or how my dad is the most selfless human being on the planet. And how he has the most contagious and genuine laugh I have ever heard. But before these amazing people became parents, they were just two people in love. The kind of love that I strive to have in my own marriage. One that is based on commitment, respect, and compromise.

Having four (almost) grown kids, it is rare to get us all at the dinner table, let alone find time to vacation together. We realized that we all had time off in July and decided to join my parents on a Bahama adventure. My mom has always wanted to renew their vows and this seemed like the perfect time to make it happen.

On the day that the renewal was planned for, the skies were beautiful. However, as soon as the ceremony space was decorated clouds rolled in and the skies opened up. We nervously waited inside with my dad on the screened in porch and my mom in the bedroom, waiting and wondering if the storm would pass. And just like that, it did. Surrounded by their four kids and the ones their kids have chosen to love, my parents exchanged vows after 32 years of marriage. While they may have been a little older and wiser than the first time they said I do, this time they said it with years and years of memories behind them and many more to come. Mom and Dad, we love you till the end of the earth. Thanks for showing us what marriage should be.

My poor brother and his girlfriend got caught in the storm before the ceremony!

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