Travel Adventures – Costa Rica

What a whirlwind of a week! These pictures don’t even begin to capture all of our adventures. From endlessly searching for a sloth (we finally found one!) to rappelling down waterfalls, we could not have asked for a better vacation. It was the perfect mix of activities in the rainforest and down time on the beach!

As we drove throughout the beautiful countryside, we couldn’t help but reflect on all of our other travels. While traveling is so much fun and often looks glamorous on instagram, there are often plenty of challenges behind the scenes. Just like in our real everyday life! On this trip alone we fought with the rental car company who no longer had any 4×4 cars available even though we booked one months in advance, had to gently sweep a rather scary snake out of our bathroom, and we went 15 miles down a rocky and dirt road (with the standard car we had to rent) only to find out the road was flooded and had to turn back. Keeping it real friends!

The most important thing is that through it all, we can always make each other laugh and never let these roadblocks (literally) ruin our adventures. Until next time Costa Rica!

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